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Threat Hunting Tool

ThreatEye NV is the perfect tool for hunting cyberthreats

Threats get past defenses

When threats slip through endpoint defenses, encryption blocks proactive hunting and investigation tools from being a second line of defense. The LiveAction NDR platform changes this.

Threats Get Past Defense

LiveAction ThreatEye

Hunting and Forensics the Way You Want Them


Start with automated hunting. Threateye finds active malicious behavior using AI-powered machine learning.


Enriched alerts quickly lead defenders to threats to end the hunt and stop an attack.


Get more details: manually dig deeper into a threat through network layers, down to packet level, for detailed forensics.

Proactive Threat Detection

Following initial access, attackers know how to move laterally across the network and hide their movements within encryption. Proactively hunt for these adversaries and uncover the scope of an attack with ThreatEye, which detects malicious behavior that traditional defenses miss.

IOC Driven Hunting

ThreatEye uses machine learning to correlate multiple attacker actions and recognizes indicators of compromise (IOCs). Automated alerts are risk-scored and MITRE ATT&CK labeled for easy categorization of suspicious activity.

Driven Hunting

Intelligent Alerts

ThreatEye arms SecOps teams with intelligent alerts – powered with Machine Learning (ML), these alerts automatically uncover and disrupt attacks. Engineers can click into alerts for deeper packet-level investigation, exploring multiple network layers.

Intelligent Alerts

The Future of Cybersecurity

Relying on signature-based malware detection misses 38% of today’s attacks. With hackers moving to fileless malware, NDR platforms need machine learning and threat forensics features to keep pace.

Unleash the Power of ThreatEye

Level set your digital transformation with LiveAction’s automated baselining & capacity planning capabilities.