Service Assurance

Digital Experiences Rely on Network Service Assurance

Visual analytics deliver situational awareness for managing secure digital experience.

Little or no visibility into end-to-end application behavior across your network leaves your organization vulnerable to loss of productivity and disappointed customers due to poor application service. Network and IT Operations lack the insight to know whether it’s the application or the network that’s degrading the experience, causing finger pointing and a longer time to resolve the incident.

End-to-end network visibility

End-to-end network visibility delivers insights to keeping the business running smoothly and achieve service level agreements. Optimize the user experience using operational insights, proactive anomaly detection, performance dashboards, and reports to meet quality and governance standards.

Better digital experience means happy customers and productive employees

Every business relies on either providing or delivering amazing digital experiences. These require reliable networks that consistently exceed user expectations. With service assurance, businesses know that the network policies, configurations, and traffic management will keep their organizations running at optimal performance.

Line of Business owners rely on I.T. for faster time to resolution

Empower your network engineering and operations teams to make good choices. The LiveNX performance and analytics platform delivers the capabilities to see, analyze and control relevant network policies and parameters. This provides network engineers and operations teams with the assurance that to assurance network services will maintain availability and meet for the critical business demands of today’s digital enterprises.

Detect, Isolate and Block Intruders

Security Engineers receive proactive notification of anomalous behavior. Through Multiple Data Set (MDS) analysis, LiveNX real-time path maps, app groups and tunnel analysis across WAN, data center and campus fabrics provide the ability to detect, isolate and block malicious data.

End-to-end service assurance >>

Class of Service defines how your data traffic is being handled by each network device. With LiveNX, network engineers and IT operations have precise control over QoS policies, configurations and queue handling at each site, device and interface. This is end-to-end service assurance control at your fingertips.

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