Endpoint Monitoring

Enhanced Insight into User Behavior and Impact to the Network

Knowing End User Activity is Challenging—Even On a Good Day

Most endpoint network management tools provide partial, point-in-time performance data, leaving gaps for IT teams to fill while exposing organizations to unacceptable risks and unnecessary costs.

Continuous endpoint visibility and control

Continuous data collection from every managed endpoint across mobile, cloud, laptop, virtual machines, laptops, and IoT devices gives you enhanced insight into systems, user behavior, network connectivity, application, binary, and process data.

Eliminate unmanaged IT assets

Eliminate unmanaged IT assets

LiveNX, along with Endpoint Agent, provides complete visibility and continuous discovery of all connected devices – physical and virtual – including on network, off network, in the data center, and the cloud. Using continuous, passive discovery, Endpoint Agent, avoids point-in-time, active scanning that misses infrequently connecting assets and risks triggering security tool alerts. Endpoint Agent provides rich data, fingerprinting each device, including IP address, hostname, MAC address, device manufacturer, and device type.

Proactively manage systems

Improve help desk operations and mean time to repair with Endpoint Agent’s device monitoring, proactive systems analysis, and issue response and repair capabilities.

Endpoint Agent enables IT asset discovery and inventory, software discovery, foreground and background usage tracking, and ongoing license rationalization. Its continuous device state monitoring supports risk management through on-going policy posture checks and enforcement, vulnerability assessments, and patch installs.

Continuous Monitoring, Alerting and Actions

Monitor and continually assess application performance characteristics across the network. The LiveNX real-time network topology maps enable network operations teams to view and report on top application traffic, performance, and bandwidth.

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