Cisco IWAN Management and Service Assurance with LiveNX

Recommended by Cisco as an IWAN Management Platform

Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) protects performance-sensitive applications from brownouts and blackouts, provides active-active load balancing for applications securely and reliability, and improves application performance, while reducing significant WAN costs. LiveNX IWAN Management capabilities provide users with GUI-based management for Cisco IWAN path control and application performance optimization.

Cisco IWAN

Prove the Value of Your IWAN Investment

  • Save Time and Money

    • Faster IWAN troubleshooting
    • Easier justification of IWAN ROI
  • Increase IWAN Adoption

    • Increase Cisco IWAN value to customers with visualization
    • Cisco+LiveAction provides an end-to-end IWAN solution
  • Increased Productivity

    • Deep understanding of application traffic with end-to-end flow visibility and QoS control
    • Find and fix problems faster
    • Robust IWAN reporting
  • Ease of Operations

    • High visualization of path changes
    • Intuitive GUI for faster deployment, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Manage Every Detail of Your IWAN Implementation with LiveNX

  • LiveAction IWAN Management Capabilities

    • PfR Path Control Visualization
    • PfR Dashboard and Trending
    • Shows what OOP reason triggers path change(s)
    • Reports on traffic class/application associated with path change(s)
    • PfR Configuration of multiple MCs
  • AVC Visualization, Reporting, and Configuration

    • AVC Flow Visualization
    • Alert threshold configuration & reports
    • Full NBAR2 QoS control on Cisco routers
    • Use QoS to optimize application performance
    • Medianet Path Analysis
  • QoS Monitoring and Configuration

    • Visualize QoS classification and congestion indicators
    • Track QoS performance on a per-class basis
    • Monitor and alert of priority queue drops for proactive notification of potential voice/video quality issues
    • Full MQC QoS configuration support via graphical editor
    • Instant Validation
  • Network Health Status

    • Network discovery and network topology
    • Networkwide audits of QoS policies
    • Dashboard and at-a-glance color-coded status for top application performance, site performance, networking device CPU and memory usage, link usage, and interface up or down
    • Top QoS conditions on interfaces, links, and Layer 2 devices: Drops and congestions
    • Top applications by volumes, top countries where traffic is coming from or going to, etc.
  • ASA NSEL and ASR1K HSL Event Logging and Alerting

    • ASA NSEL Flow visualization, event creation, denial and ACL hits
    • ASR1K HSL Flow visualization, and session creation/removal notifications

Cisco IWAN Management and Service Assurance with LiveNX

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