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Network Monitoring for Cisco Switches

Optimize Performance from Your Cisco Switches and Infrastructure

LiveAction is a leader in network monitoring for Cisco switches, including Cisco Catalyst, Meraki MS, Cisco vEdge, Cisco IE, and Cisco Nexus.

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Best-in-Class Network Performance Monitoring for Cisco Switches and Devices

LiveAction is purposed-built for network monitoring and performance optimization of Cisco Catalyst, Meraki MS, Cisco vEdge, Cisco IE, and Cisco Nexus switches, providing you with unparalleled visibility and control across your entire network.

LiveAction network monitoring software provides deep integrations and rich interoperability with:

  • Cisco Catalyst, Meraki MS, Cisco vEdge, Cisco IE, and Cisco Nexus switches
  • Cisco routers and firewalls
  • Cisco SD-WAN and SD-Access
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco QoS configuration and monitoring
  • Cisco Unified Communications optimization

For the first-time installations, please download our Quick Start Guide which will help you install and set-up your LiveNX software. In addition, it describes how to navigate the LiveNX user interface and configure the LiveNX system components.

Network Monitoring of Cisco Catalyst, Meraki MS, Cisco vEdge, Cisco IE, and Cisco Nexus

Cisco Switches Supported

Cisco Catalyst Series LAN Switches:

Cisco Catalyst 2950
Cisco Catalyst 2960
Cisco Catalyst 3500
Cisco Catalyst 3550
Cisco Catalyst 3560
Cisco Catalyst 3560g
Cisco Catalyst 3650
Cisco Catalyst 3750
Cisco Catalyst 3750g
Cisco Catalyst 3750x
Cisco Catalyst 3850
Cisco Catalyst 4500
Cisco Catalyst 4500x
Cisco Catalyst 4506
Cisco Catalyst 4900
Cisco Catalyst 4948
Cisco Catalyst 5000
Cisco Catalyst 6000
Cisco Catalyst 6500
Cisco Catalyst 9000
Cisco Catalyst 9200
Cisco Catalyst 9300
Cisco Catalyst 9400
Cisco Catalyst 9500
Cisco Catalyst 9600
Cisco Catalyst 9800

Cisco Meraki MS Series Switches:

Meraki MS 120
Meraki MS 210
Meraki MS 225
Meraki MS 250
Meraki MS 350
Meraki MS 400
Meraki MS 425

Cisco vEdge Series Switches:

Cisco vEdge 1000
Cisco vEdge 2000
Cisco vEdge 5000

Cisco IE (Industrial Ethernet) Switches:

Cisco IE 1000
Cisco IE 2000
Cisco IE 3000
Cisco IE 4010
Cisco IE 3010

Cisco Nexus Series Switches:

Cisco Nexus 1000v
Cisco Nexus 2000
Cisco Nexus 3000
Cisco Nexus 3048
Cisco Nexus 5000
Cisco Nexus 5010
Cisco Nexus 5020
Cisco Nexus 5548
Cisco Nexus 5672UP
Cisco Nexus 7000
Cisco Nexus 9000 (9k)
Cisco Nexus 9300
Cisco Nexus 9318YC
Cisco Nexus 9500
Cisco Nexus 9504

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Learn More How LiveAction Provides Visual Analytics for Cisco

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Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

Great tool, easy to use, friendly interface and does the job

“This tool fills a gap in our network monitoring and analysis toolset. This gives us a capability to finally utilize some logs that were difficult to query and also allows us to validate QOS policies.”

— Executive Director of IT Operations, Education Industry


Excellent Product, very stable, could use some flow alerting improvements

“This product is simply amazing. I have researched for the past 2 years and have not found another product that performs the functionality that LiveAction provides. It handles everything extremely well, is very fast and capable.”

— Network Performance Engineer, Manufacturing Industry

Implementation and training were easy and the support is fantastic.

‘The LiveNX product has been easy to install and maintain and has provided valuable feedback and insight to our traffic engineering and overall quality of service. They provide the best support in the industry.”

— IT Director, Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Operations

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