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Network Monitoring for Cisco Routers

Optimize Performance from Your Cisco Firewalls and Infrastructure

LiveAction is a leader in network monitoring for Cisco firewalls, including Cisco ASA firewall, Cisco Firepower, Cisco IOS Firewall, and Cisco ISA 3000. See what is coming through your firewall.

Cisco Partners

Best-in-Class Network Performance Monitoring for Cisco Firewalls and Devices

LiveAction is purposed-built for network monitoring and performance optimization of ASA firewall, Cisco Firepower, IOS Firewall, and Cisco ISA 3000, providing you with unparalleled visibility and control across your entire network for enhanced security.

LiveAction network monitoring software provides deep integrations and rich interoperability with:

  • Cisco ASA firewall, Cisco Firepower, Cisco IOS Firewall, and Cisco ISA 3000
  • Cisco routers and switches
  • Cisco SD-WAN and SD-Access
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco QoS configuration and monitoring
  • Cisco Unified Communications optimization

For the first-time installations, please download our Quick Start Guide which will help you install and set-up your LiveNX software. In addition, it describes how to navigate the LiveNX user interface and configure the LiveNX system components.

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Cisco ASR Routers, Cisco ISR Routers and Other Cisco Routers Infrastructure Monitoring

Cisco Routers Supported

Explore the different Cisco routers supported by LiveAction, a preferred Cisco partner and leader in network performance monitoring.


Cisco ISR (Integrated Services Routers) for Branches:

Cisco 800 Series
Cisco 900 Series
Cisco 1000 Series
Cisco 1800 Series
Cisco 1900 Series
Cisco 3800 Series
Cisco 3900 Series
Cisco 4000 Series
Cisco ISR 800
Cisco ISR 900
Cisco ISR 1000
Cisco ISR 1800
Cisco ISR 1900
Cisco ISR 4000
Cisco ISR 4331
Cisco ISR 4321
Cisco ISR 4400
Cisco ISR 4431
Cisco ISR 4451

Cisco ASR (Aggregation Services Routers) for Edge:

Cisco ASR 900
Cisco ASR 901
Cisco ASR 902
Cisco ASR 920
Cisco ASR 901
Cisco ASR 1000
Cisco ASR 1001
Cisco ASR 1001 X
Cisco ASR 1001 HX
Cisco ASR 1002
Cisco ASR 1002 X
Cisco ASR 1004
Cisco ASR 1004 X
Cisco ASR 1006
Cisco ASR 9000
Cisco ASR 9001

Other Cisco Router Infrastructure:

Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers
Cisco 2600 Series Modular Routers
Cisco 3600 Series Router
Cisco 3700 Series Access Point
Cisco 4200 Series Network Convergence System ·
Cisco 7200 Series Router
Cisco 7600 Series Router
Cisco CSR 100V Cloud Service Router
Cisco Edge Router