Optimize NetOps Workflows for  Rapid Incident Response

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LiveNX is a game changer. With workflow optimization enabling NetOps with rapid drill downs from flow summary to packet decodes and analysis for faster incident resolution put you back in the driver’s seat with one integrated Network Performance and Analytics platform for complete end to end visibility and control.

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Rapid Incident Response

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LiveWire Continual Monitoring

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Advanced Cisco Integration

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Alert Enhancements

NetOps Rapid Incident Response for Network Incidents

Rapid Incident Response

LiveWire integrates active IPFIX Export flow views for end to end visibility, and with a Alert triggered, NetOps can now drill down quickly to a more precise time range to find that issue quickly and resolve the incident. With LiveWire you can monitor your remote networks from virtually anywhere, anytime.

LiveWire Continual Remote Site Monitoring


Unified Data Analysis for Faster Incident Isolation and Resolution

LiveWire captures and converts real-time packet data which feeds directly into LiveNX. Together, LiveWire and LiveNX 8 bring new visual insights and analytics to traditionally “dark” environments such as application classification and performance management for SD-WAN deployments or traditional legacy multi-vendor edge switch environments.

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Advanced Cisco DNA-Center, SD-WAN, SD-Access and, ISE Integrations

Advanced Cisco Integrations

As a strategic Cisco DNA Center ISV partner, LiveNX integrates with Cisco DNA Center for visual analytics of SD-Access and SD-WAN overlay performance, health scores and incident counts. In addition, LiveNX 8 now integrates with PxGrid and Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE) for ease of managing and verification.

Learn how LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-Access, providing full visibility into the overlay and underlay fabrics, and providing an intuitive traffic assessment view that correlates all SD-Access s

Advanced Alerting with Customer Triggers

Custom Triggers for Alerting support in the Operations Dashboard for tracking device level per-queue QoS performance and syslog notification for advanced notification of business affecting issues.

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