The Future of Network Engineering and Operations

Advanced Network Analytics: The Future of Network Engineering and Operations

Technology is constantly evolving, and enterprises have no choice but to embrace that evolution as a matter of survival in the digital era. At the same time, IT organizations have to keep pace by providing top-notch, flexible networks to support. What worked a decade ago, last year or sometimes even last month just isn’t good enough anymore. Advanced analytics solutions capable of unprecedented insight, the value from network data and optimized networking tasks are an absolute must for today’s network teams.

Based on a survey of 200 individuals driving advanced network analytics initiatives, this whitepaper provides information from a forthcoming research report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), “Advanced Network Analytics: Applying Machine Learning and More to Network Engineering and Operations.”

Gain valuable insight into the organizational benefits of network analytics, the technical initiatives driving related projects and how you can apply findings to your organization today!

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