Assuring Network Readiness with an NPM

How to Assure Network Readiness with a Network Performance Management Platform

Explore our eBook to learn how network engineers and operations professionals can utilize a network performance management platform to prepare, ensure, and support a successful launch of new applications, rollouts, and other business-critical technologies.

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The Challenges of an Evolving Network

A poorly maintained network can impact business agility. By continuously monitoring the network for performance degradation and increased capacity requirements, network management teams are able to ensure the network will support the future needs of the business.

Network teams must optimize infrastructure for the applications that are traversing the network. However, due to the growing complexity and demands of the business, network teams are struggling to keep up.

What You’ll Find Inside the eBook:

  • Validating the Network with an NPM
  • Supporting Pre-Rollout and Operations for:
    • VOIP and Video
    • SD-WAN
  • Inventory Management
  • Topology Mapping