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Application Performance Insight Requires Deep, End-to-End Network Insight

Today’s economy is more technology-driven than ever before. Enterprises must embrace digital transformation to innovate rapidly. This transformation is about the digitization of business models, and digital business models are driven by applications.

Enterprise network operations teams can optimize application performance by implementing a network analytics solution with deep, end-to-end visibility into the network. Such a solution can complement and enhance application performance management solutions that primarily deliver narrow visibility into application infrastructure.

All application transactions traverse the network, and network health and performance can influence application performance in multiple ways.

  1. Network infrastructure health can affect application connectivity and performance
  2. Network traffic patterns can introduce inefficiencies that add latency to applications
  3. Network traffic volume creates bottlenecks, packet drops, and jitter that degrade applications

The Challenge

Application performance management tools offer limited visibility to some silos. DevOps and application operations teams have their own tools for managing application performance. These tools do not provide a full picture of application performance. They reveal the performance of application components and computing systems. They do not provide visibility into a network that moves application traffic.

When applications are the business, suboptimal application performance is an existential threat.

  • Business processes freeze
  • Revenue-generating transactions fail
  • Users reject or abandon critical applications
  • Employee productivity erodes
  • Customer satisfaction and retention suffer

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