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Verify your SD-WAN Policy and Troubleshoot in 3-Clicks


It may come as no surprise that remote workers are flooding the network with real-time applications, including voice, video, and online meetings. According to a recent EMA report, 95% of enterprises have observed increased real-time application traffic on their WANs since the pandemic started.

This unprecedented growth in real-time applications presents network managers with several challenges, including network congestion. Are these applications competing with business-critical applications for bandwidth? How can you know for sure whether the problem is the network or the application? How can you troubleshoot a service provider brownout?

Join us for part 2 of our SD-WAN webinar series, where we’ll take you through everything you need to know to verify your SD-WAN policy and quickly identify and troubleshoot issues in your SD-WAN environment before users are impacted.

In this episode, we’ll share best practices for Day 1 SD-WAN workflows. Learn how to:

  • Verify your Cisco SD-WAN policy
  • Visualize critical applications, their QoS markings and service provider paths across an intuitive geo topology map
  • Troubleshoot a service provider brownout in 3 clicks

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