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Shifting IT and Network Priorities Amid COVID-19

Shifting IT and Network Priorities Amid COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, your IT organization is likely in one of three states:

  1. You’re an essential business and your IT and network are in lockdown to ensure changes don’t disrupt operations
  2. You’ve spent the last several weeks provisioning and supporting a suddenly 90% work from home staff
  3. You’re planning and adapting network resources to support business activities that enable distance interactions

IT teams are currently scrambling to adapt their infrastructure and network to the changes forced upon them by the reaction to COVID-19. Our series of open-mic roundtable discussions offer a view into what IT teams are currently dealing with. Supporting the organization during these range of network issues has likely shifted the focus on what network teams need to focus on:

  • Key network elements to pay attention to
  • How to capture and utilize critical telemetry data
  • What comes next?

Between the community, our customers, our partners, and our team there are ideas and solutions to solve the specific business and network challenges that we will face in the next 60 days. In order to support the sharing of ideas, we ask you to join and participate in this round-table discussion.

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