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Boost your NetFlow Skills in this Webinar Replay


Mastering NetFlow to monitor and manage your network is a critical, in-demand skill.

You’ll gain a better understanding of NetFlow, including:

  • NetFlow’s ability to provide telemetry at each site, on every device, and interface
  • How Netflow operates across tunnels such as MPLS and GRE to give a detailed map of your environment
  • How NetFlow works with other popular networking technologies for increased visibility
  • Maximizing the power of your routers and switches using multiple flow templates including AVC, PerfMon, PfR, and NSEL
  • Firewall monitoring for security
  • NetFlow v5/v9 and variations such as IPFIX
  • Network device support and flow collectors

Watch Webinar

Improve your NetFlow skills, you’ll be able to more easily and quickly visualize and understand what’s happening across the network. And the more you know, the better you’ll be able to spot anomalies, detect issues, and prevent incidents.

As part of our free educational webinar series, LiveAction invites you to join us for a free one-hour training session on NetFlow.