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Dashboard, Alerts, Reports, Topology and Stories

Device Inventory with LiveNX Stories (workflow)

People, assets and processes are ever changing in today’s digital economy. Having a comprehensive device inventory with device type, name, serial number, location, OS version and more all add to the end to end visibility and control NetOps gain with LiveNX.

Proactive Alerting delivers Better User Experience

As digital transformations enrich a customer’s buying journey, they also place high expectations on the user experience and demand immediate response. NetOps needs complete situational awareness of the state of the applications, network and services and receive insights and alerts to changing conditions LiveNX delivers proactive notifications of trending conditions, threshold crossing and anomalous behaviors with historical analysis for forensic deep dives at protocol and packet levels across their multi-domain environment, from; data center, campus, branch or cloud portal.

IT Performance Tools Consolidation with LiveNX Dashboards

Many IT organizations have different performance monitoring tools to view, diagnose and troubleshoot networking issues causing swivel chair operations and cut and paste between screens for access the correct data. Inefficient, costly and time consuming.

With LiveNX summary dashboards, customized to your requirements, NetOps can now have full visibility across the entire enterprise while consolidating tools into one single pane of glass for easy visualization and drill downs.

SD-WAN Application, Tunnel and QoE Visibility for Performance Management

As software defined networking enables the organizations to select more flexible service provider transport services and optimize the paths for remote application performance, seeing and knowing how applications are performing across the network, is best visualized in geo topology views for NetOps to filter and see the overlay. With LiveNX, NetOps gains complete SD-WAN visibility for application, quality of service marking, VPN overlay and service provider transport for an end to end enterprise view of the complete multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-cloud performance and analytics.

Scheduled or Ad Hoc Custom Reporting for Network Performance Management

With today’s ongoing digital transformations, businesses rely on the network to connect customers, business-critical applications and partners globally. As a key resource, business units, management, and stakeholders typically require scheduled or ad hoc reporting to communicate the status of applications, network, sites, or service provider SLA performance for feedback on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The LiveNX Network Performance and Analytics Platform is a complete portfolio of dashboards, alerts, reports, topology and stories (workflows) to manage the networked application environment across your entire IT environment.