The Visibility Assurance Solution for Cisco Intelligent WAN

With its support of advanced Cisco technologies like Performance Routing and Application Visibility and Control, network performance management vendor, LiveAction, provides critical visibility and service assurance capabilities to Intelligent WAN (IWAN), Cisco’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution. In general, SD-WAN solutions like IWAN introduce new and powerful technologies that help enterprises reduce costs and improve network performance and reliability. However, to fully take advantage of these technologies in IWAN, enterprises need a visibility and assurance platform that completely exposes IWAN’s underlying technologies to the network management team.

LiveNX provides that management and visibility layer. It empowers users to provision, monitor, and troubleshoot IWAN and adopt an application-centric, policy-based approach to wide-area networking. 


New business and technology trends are changing the way enterprises think about wide-area networking. Until recently, the typical WAN relied upon expensive MPLS links for critical business applications. Internet traffic was backhauled through a data center or regional hub for security scrubbing. Now mobility and the cloud are requiring direct Internet access and budget constraints are prompting enterprises to look for cheaper alternatives to MPLS, such as broadband Internet and LTE.

With its ability to virtualize WAN connectivity and add policy-based controls, SD-WAN technology has emerged to address these requirements. However, SD-WAN presents some management and visibility issues. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research has found that only four in ten enterprises believe their existing network performance monitoring tools can fully support software-defined networking (SDN) technologies.1 Furthermore, 47% of them worry about their ability to manage the frequent change that SDN introduces to a network and 42% have doubts about being able to do proper network capacity planning. Finally, 29% think they will lose visibility into their networks.

Cisco’s SD-WAN solution, IWAN, addresses the infrastructure requirements of today’s enterprises while Cisco solution partner LiveAction provides a visibility and management layer which empowers IT organizations to engineer and operationalize these new networks.

Cisco IWAN and LiveAction: SD-WAN with Integrated Visibility and Management

Intelligent WAN (IWAN) is Cisco’s answer to enterprises that are adapting their wide-area infrastructure to provide lower cost connectivity and network access to the cloud. Most enterprise network engineers will be familiar with the foundation of Cisco’s SD-WAN architecture. Cisco has built IWAN on top of the Application Experience (AX) editions of its popular remote office Integrated Services Router (ISR) series and its head-end Aggregation Services Router (ASR) series. These AX routers represent the latest generation of Cisco’s WAN infrastructure product line, which offers enterprises the advantage of deploying a new technology like SD-WAN on a proven, high-performance network hardware platform with advanced features. When it is combined with a Cisco Solution Partner like LiveAction to monitor and manage the network, an enterprise has the foundation of an end-to-end SD-WAN solution.

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