LiveNX: Supporting your Migration to an SD-Access Campus Architecture

SD-Access Overview

After the data center network overlay and the SD-WAN revolutions, the campus network is now the next network domain about to benefit from the business agility, security and network operations savings that result from adopting virtual network overlay fabrics. Cisco’s SD-Access architecture provides a transformational shift in building and managing networks: faster, easier and with improved business efficiency.

The Virtual Overlay Network Lifecycle Challenge

LiveNX extends unified network performance management across the entire cross-domain lifecycle of DNA network solutions, including SD-Access as well as SD-WAN and any multi-vendor environment.  Simultaneous visibility into both the virtual overlay (pxGrid, VXLAN, SGT, LISP) as well as the physical underlay (L2, L3, Access and Border Nodes) helps to correlate virtual overlay and physical underlay issues.