The Endpoint Visibility Challenge

User mobility and the migration of business-critical apps to the cloud have forever changed the way networks are managed end-to-end. Seeing, understanding, and controlling the end user experience now depends on visibility from data source through all network domains, and all the way to the endpoint device.

Siloed endpoint tools provide only partial, point-in-time network performance data leaving gaps for IT teams – exposing organizations to unacceptable risks and unnecessary costs. LiveNX with LiveAgent provides all-the-time, cross-domain visibility, and control for client devices, servers, and cloud VMs. LiveAgent allows your enterprise to leverage LiveNX visualization capabilities as an end-to-end visual network analytics platform for any intent-based networking architecture. LiveAgent extends LiveNX visibility with comprehensive multi-vendor edge point monitoring. Integrating end-to-end path visibility, policy verification is easily confirmed.

Network Performance Visibility across the Entire Enterprise Perimeter

Knowing what you need to plan for a new solution isn’t easy. Where do all network devices exist? What applications are my business users using, and at what peak times? How much bandwidth is required to prevent the help desk from lighting up?