LiveAction Guide Semantic Tagging Best Practices

Web search, a daily ritual in our connected lives is highly effective due to tagging of information. Wouldn’t it be great if network admins had similar capability to search and ask questions related to the network?

Using LiveNX’s big data analytics platform, admins can tag network devices and interfaces to enable search, reporting and dashboard capabilities. LiveNX provides a rich and flexible way to leverage network semantics. Admins have the capability to assign multiple tags to a device or interface to gain improved understanding of the network and extract relevant data faster via search, reports or dashboard. Network semantics can be leveraged to identify and create:

  • Groups
  • Sites and Site IPs
  • WAN Links
  • Service Providers
  • Labels
  • Capacity
  • Device and Interface Tags
  • Data Centers

A group represents a collection of network devices and are created to easily view the relevant information. When managing multiple network devices in LiveNX, it is recommended that the admin create groups. Groups help visually and logically organize devices and enable easy access to critical information related to the group. All network devices in a group are visualized on the topology as part of the group. In our case, we have created multiple groups based on location e.g. LA, London, Santa Clara etc.