Enhancing Skype Quality through QoS & Enterprise Network

Quality of communication plays a critical role in your enterprise’s business success. It radically affects internal collaboration and productivity. 

Between company meetings, teamwork efforts, and project deadlines—there is zero room for communication errors. For these reasons, it’s important that your communication tool, Skype® for Business, is working efficiently and effectively—and what you may not know is how heavily your network and Quality of Service (QoS) affects the outcome of your Skype network performance.

In this eBrief, Enhancing Skype Quality through QoS and the Network, you’ll get all the explanations you need and a simple walkthrough on:

  • What impact the network has on Skype and what issues this can cause
  • Why it’s necessary to prevent these issues from reoccurring
  • How you can overcome Skype challenges and keep productivity and collaboration on the move


Massive amounts of content, media and other digital sources are being transferred across your enterprise network on a daily basis. Therefore, between the heavy recreational traffic and hefty business traffic, your enterprise network is working hard to support your business initiatives—and this causes multiple network performance challenges for the network, as well as Skype.