Ten Questions to Ask When Evaluating Network Performance Management Solutions

What does Your NetOps Team Need in an NPM Tool?

Empowering your IT teams with comprehensive visibility into the network is a must-have for an organization of any size. But what other capabilities does your network performance management solution need? Whether you’re looking to migrate to the Cloud or integrating machine learning and automation; there are several key factors one must consider when assessing vendors.

What are the Questions to Ask When Selecting an NPM?

We created this list of critical questions you must ask before purchasing an NPM tool to be a guide to assist you when researching prospective vendors – and most importantly questions you must ask yourself. Within the guide we’ll explore the following questions every modern digital business must be utilizing from their current NPM to get the most out of their investment.

  • Does the solution support Cloud migration and monitoring?
  • How does the NPM assist with capacity planning?
  • Is there true comprehensive end-to-end visibility into the network?
  • Is the solution able to support automation, machine learning and AI?

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