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40 Gig LiveCapture: LiveAction Unveils

LiveAction Unveils New 40 Gig LiveCapture, the Industry’s Most Powerful, Efficient Packet Capture and Analysis Solution

New appliance is built for the fastest enterprise networks and offers up to 40 Gbps packet capture rates for streamlined network management and forensics

Palo Alto, Calif. – April 7, 2020 – LiveAction, the leader in network performance management, today announced the latest version of LiveCapture (3100 v13.1), a high-performance packet capture and analysis solution designed to handle traffic from enterprise networks as fast as 100G, with forensic packetcapture rates of up to 40 Gbps. Built to be deployed across data centers, NOCs and WAN links, the appliance offers industry-leading speed and efficiency when it comes to capturing and analyzing traffic, and enabling rapid troubleshooting for application-level issues within enterprise networks. In addition to its speed and performance advantages, LiveCapture’s efficient design also offers customers valuable cost and resource savings by limiting rack space waste, inefficient power consumption and more.

“The latest update to LiveCapture features powerful network recording capabilities for capturing massive traffic loads and enables customers to conduct real-time analysis and network forensic examination into live traffic for superior network monitoring and troubleshooting,” said Vishwas Puttasubbappa, Vice President of Engineering at LiveAction. “No other solution on the market is capable of capturing and analyzing traffic across the most demanding enterprise networks with this level of simplicity and efficiency.”

As network speeds continue to grow rapidly, enterprises today require packet capture and analysis capabilities that can keep up. As many sophisticated business networks reach 100G speeds, faster capture rates are a necessity for troubleshooting network and application issues, and ensuring monitoring solutions don’t miss key traffic spikes and other anomalies. What’s more, the increased demand on NetOps from SecOps to produce packet data for cybersecurity investigation and mitigation is forcing companies to save packets for longer periods of time.

The solution allows organizations to capture critical packet data and streamline both real-time data analysis and historic playback for forensic analysis. Now, not only can customers capture packets to disk at a higher rate, but LiveCapture’s industry-leading performance levels enable them to analyze data two to five times faster. This enables faster problem isolation, troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and resolution via Omnipeek, LiveAction’s powerful network protocol analyzer.

Alternative solutions require organizations to combine multiple units together to provide this level of performance, leaving customers with a more expensive and complicated system to manage. With its 40 Gbps capture rate, the new version of LiveCapture is unrivaled in the industry, alleviating the cost and complexity issues presented by incumbent solutions. This single, compact appliance with a single additional storage unit enables enterprises to save valuable rack space, drive down power requirements and mitigate heat and noise output.

The new LiveCapture appliance is available today. For more information, visit

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