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LiveAction’s Latest Platform Release Boosts SD-WAN Performance

Software provider LiveAction released the latest version of its LiveNX monitoring platform to increase software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) performance, visibility of end-user experience.
LiveAction already provided network visibility throughout SD-WANs, including monitoring of voice and video traffic. The new release adds alert notifications to make sure that traffic is being routed properly.

For example, if there are application performance issues like jitter or latency, the platform will dynamically re-route the traffic and alert the user of the path it took. The platform also allows engineers to go back in time and determine the cause of an issue or interruption.

The latest release of the LiveNX platform also applies machine learning and predictive analytics to network data. “The network is continuously learning based on the expertise of network engineers, the actions of users, and the applications and devices running on it,” a LiveAction spokesperson wrote in an email to SDxCentral.

For example, network engineers can set a baseline to know which voice traffic to prioritize, when to throttle bandwidth, what is normal, and if a user’s access should be blocked.

The updated platform can also monitor Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the network. It captures network data from all devices that are connected, from the edge and in the cloud, to reduce security risks and improve end-user experience. It automates the process of having to manually input device names, IP addresses, and other data points that are required to monitor device data.

LiveAction’s platform also integrates with Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Cotroller-Enterprise Module (APIC-EM), which is an orchestration platform to automate Cisco IWAN deployments. The integration allows users to reduce IWAN deployment times as well as gain insight into how voice, video, and application traffic is flowing across the network. Cisco Investments is one of LiveAction’s investors.

LiveAction provides monitoring capabilities for a number of companies including Allscripts, NetApp, Air Methods, and Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline.

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