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ePlus Rolls out LiveAction To Manage U.S. Network Operations Centers

LiveAction is a global leader in IT network management, visualization, and analytics. Building on an existing reseller agreement with LiveAction, the MSP is taking advantage of the LiveNX network performance analytics platform that features situational awareness, semantic-based analysis, and modeling for continuous network insights, troubleshooting, and service assurance. “LiveNX optimizes our network’s troubleshooting capabilities and complements our software-defined network (SDN) solutions, including Intelligent Branch,” said Wayne St. Jacques, vice president of managed and executive services at ePlus. “With LiveNX, we have the added assurance that we’ll continue to exceed customer expectations for network performance, adherence to SLAs, and simple-to-read reports.” LiveNX is scalable to record over one million flows per second, per node, across a distributed deployment. This enables ePlus to offer advanced network management solutions to support a wide range of customers, from the very largest global enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses.