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5 Takeaways From The Cisco WikiLeaks Bombshell

By now you’ve likely heard about the Vault 7 release, in which WikiLeaks dumped thousands of files that it claims came from a top-secret CIA network. The cache included bombshell allegations that the CIA created exploits that could open back doors on many end user and network devices — and then lost control over that code, leaving companies vulnerable to attack. Among the leaked exploits is a security vulnerability that affects more than 300 models of Cisco switches. You can read more about the backstory by going to the Cisco blog.

To its credit, Cisco immediately identified steps customers should take if affected by this latest threat. The vulnerability was resolved, and engineers throughout the industry will move on to face other challenges — until, that is, we get hit with the next volley in a steady attack on our network security defenses. For partners, the current Vault 7 situation should be an incentive to take a closer look at our – and our customers’ – infrastructures. It’s a lot like when one of our neighbors reports a house break-in and everybody on the block double-checks their locks; only in our case, we scan for potential issues in all devices that touch the network.