Radiology Company Improves Patient Privacy and Outcomes Through Optimal Network Performance


The U.S. based radiology company described here is a small and highly dedicated team of radiologists and technical staff providing medical imaging services for local area hospitals. The group has a diverse collection of state-of-the-art equipment including nuclear medicine devices such as MRI, PET and SPECT scanners as well as photoacoustic and thermal imaging devices.

Patients are also scanned at their local hospital locations and after processing and initial physician evaluations are completed, the resulting digital images are often sent using an MPLS-VPN network carried over Ethernet to other local hospitals for additional physician analysis and diagnosis. According to the company’s IT Manager, the network itself isn’t very complicated, but it faces challenges a typical enterprise network performance would never see. Besides stringent government requirements for patient privacy, network speed and reliability take on a new meaning when delays or failures can sometimes affect a patient’s chances for survival. To add to the challenge, nearly 90% of the network’s traffic consists of very large file transfers between hospitals and even to a physician’s home office.