Mondi has Network Performance Management

Mondi logoMondi makes sustainable products consisting of natural fibers and produced with renewable resources. Some of these products include bags, boxes, and pouches that are found in millions of households and businesses across a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, construction, agriculture, food and beverages, and medical and pharmaceutical. For example, Mondi’s packaging products are used for items such as cereal and flour, e-retail packaging and hazardous goods, and to protect medical devices and pharmaceutical products. From an internal perspective, Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper, and compound plastics to developing industrial and consumer packaging solutions.


LiveAction simplifies Mondi’s network by delivering better online experiences through continuous insight, service assurance,
and control of enterprise networks. The customer uses LiveNX to:

  • Monitor more than 400 devices
  • Provide situational awareness, semantic-based analysis, and modeling
  • Present a visual deeper understanding of the network to accelerate productivity and boost customer satisfaction
  • Support a global network and accelerate the integration of newly acquired divisions and companies
  • Pinpoint and proactively address issues and offer playback, which is critical to troubleshooting and adherence to SLAs

Additionally, LiveNX is a recommended network management platform for Mondi’s existing Cisco’s intelligent wide area network (IWAN), which includes a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features within its routers. LiveNX also uses Cisco TrustSec to segment the network, protect critical trust assets, and enforce tiered access to information. According to one of Mondi’s managers of communication networks, “As a global company and industry leader, we require a flexible and powerful IT network that supports our continued growth and easily integrates the IT enterprise networks of acquired companies to ensure business always runs smoothly. This is why we rely on the expertise of Dimension Data for managed services and LiveAction’s LiveNX platform to provide deep insights into our network, troubleshoot issues, and deliver a next-generation SD-WAN.”