Global Paper Products Manufacturer Resolves Voice and Video Issues with Improved Network Management


A leading global producer of packaging, paper, pulp and recyclable products with manufacturing operations employing 53,000 people in 40 locations in 24 countries was experiencing application performance issues with its outsourced wide-area network. VoIP, video and telepresence apps suffered from poor audio and video quality and dropped connections.

The network team determined that it was time to bring network management back in-house to acquire greater visibility and exercise control over network performance and service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement.

The company embraced the capabilities of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) with Cisco’s IWAN solution to take advantage of the benefits of SDN, such as reduced hardware and operational costs while improving flexibility, availability, and resilience. They needed a network performance management platform that simplified configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting across dozens of locations while providing granular visibility into the network down to the level of flows and interfaces.