Energy supplier lights up IoT network edge

Nukissiorfiit reduced MTTR for its operations team by gaining more visibility of IoT network  and Unified Communications applications.

network performanceWith a focus on maximizing energy efficiency, almost 70% of the country’s electricity is produced by renewable energy sources such as hydropower with the remaining supply produced by oil-burned plants.

As an organization, Nukissiorfiit has more than 130 sites and employs 400 people in 17 cities and 54 villages.

With a drive to minimize costs and improve efficiencies Nukissiorfiit relies on LiveAction to help manage and monitor its enterprise network.

Business challenge

Nukissiorfiit was determined to gain better insight into the performance of its network.

This included:

  • Monitoring and securely sharing telemetry data, including real-time energy management solutions for commercial and residential customers.
  • Managing and prioritizing business-critical applications including voice and collaboration platforms for helping employees work more efficiently while getting the most from corporate network assets.
  • Monitoring diagnostics to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and boost the network operations team’s productivity.
  • Prioritizing business-critical applications over recreational applications to ensure the most important traffic is delivered with the best quality.