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Why is Cybersecurity Important for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

It’s the holiday hacking season! This weekend officially starts the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are exciting for consumers as retailers announce their biggest sales of the year. Unfortunately for those businesses and consumers, cybercriminals don’t care that it is the most wonderful time of the year. 

With security teams enjoying their well-earned breaks, this provides a perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to attack. They’re not taking any PTO for the holidays. Unfortunately for many businesses today, they’re still lacking effective measures to help prevent cyberattacks. Online retailers and organizations have the responsibility to protect the data of their customers, so it is more important than ever to take precautions. 


The Biggest Threats to the Cyber-Weekend

  • Human Error

According to IBM, 95% of the main cause of major security breaches was human error. While solutions like Counter Flow AI’s ThreatEye are useful for protecting end-users, human error can open the doors for cyberattacks in many ways – failing to install security software in time or giving up sensitive information accidentally. 

  • Phishing

One of the most popular and effective methods for cyberattacks is phishing. Hackers are taking advantage of the “limited-time offer” urgency and various other sales and sending emails disguised as Black-Friday/Cyber Monday deals. 

  • Ransomeware

The fastest-growing cybercrime, happening every 11 seconds around the world.  Many ransomware attacks against organizations are successful because of the lack of proper security solutions in place. Ransomware criminals often strike when businesses are most vulnerable. They suffer the most loss through productivity and the time-consuming task of cleaning up after the attack took place.

  • Extortionware

Due to the retail supply chain becoming more digital, just one cyberattack on an organization can affect the whole chain resulting in extortionware. This is the most advanced version of ransomware. It’s where the attacker threatened to harm the victim if the demands are not fulfilled. Most often, these criminals often attack companies that deal with sensitive data, such as medical, financial, and educational industries. Companies that fail to comply often put their customer’s information at risk.

  • Card Skimming 

These attacks happen year-round but are heightened by the holiday shopping season. Cybercriminals want to take advantage that more people are buying online. To not be detected,  they’ll wait until after the shopping mania begins and strike at the last possible moment, injecting malicious code into online shops.  

Minimize the Possibility

Falling victim to cyber crimes can leave a lot of damage. That damage isn’t just financial but your organization’s and possibly your personal reputation. It’s important to minimize any possibility by securing yourself and your organization with unique and complex passwords, doubling with multi-factor authentication, installing proper security software, training staff to effectively on cybersecurity for prevention and detection, and maintaining secure access points as they work within the cloud. 

Take Action with LiveAction and CounterFlow AI

CounterFlow AI’s unique security portfolio helps LiveAction partners and customers gain end-to-end network visibility into encrypted traffic. Its Streaming Machine Learning Engine processes packet data in real-time and at enterprise network speeds. At the same time, its advanced traffic analysis capabilities extract unique metadata to examine potentially malicious packet behaviors, automate alert triage processes, and more.

Their platform, ThreatEye’s analysis of network traffic characteristics, can uncover activity relating to a user browsing a phishing website or clicking on a malicious link in an email that prompts a network-based malware call-back, which is the common infection vector associated. ThreatEye can characterize network traffic behavior and correlate findings with threat intelligence to determine risk and potentially prevent damage from a successful attack.

If you’re interested in learning more about CounterFlow AI’s ThreatEye Platform, email their team of experts to schedule a demo today!