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Using LiveNX Cloud Monitoring for Cost and Consumption Analysis

Using LiveNX Cloud Monitoring for Cost and Consumption AnalysisEnterprises continue to embrace the cloud, with 93% having a multi-cloud strategy and 87% having a hybrid cloud strategy (according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report). With 61% percent of organizations planning to focus on additional cloud migrations, it’s no secret that many organizations grapple with sticker shock and/or surprise costs. As a matter of fact, the Flexera report also shows that managing cloud spend is a top challenge for 82% of organizations and that most are over budget on cloud spend by 23%.

What’s driving this problem?

Primarily it’s a lack of ability to slice and dice network traffic for deep analysis from the core network into the cloud. Network and cloud architects and engineers need the proper visibility in order to conduct cost and consumption analysis of applications and services. Fortunately, LiveNX now offers the industry’s only unified solution for end-to-end visibility from the network to cloud. IT teams can now access the same in-depth level of analytics across their public cloud workloads (in AWS and Azure) as they have for on-premises environments – all through a single, unified interface. These new capabilities can help IT teams measure the performance and utilization baselines of cloud applications and services against trends over time to facilitate capacity planning and optimization.Using LiveNX, you can gain visibility into gateway traffic in AWS and Azure. It can tell you how much outbound traffic there is and any changes over time (with the ability to set up alerts, thresholds and create historical baselines). It then shows you what services or applications are tied to that traffic, and which regions and zones are affected. With the ability to then evaluate traffic usage patterns and trends, as traffic increases, you can effectively map it back to a source.Cloud Strategy for Cost and Consumption AnalysisFor example, this screen capture shows the monthly view of outbound gateway traffic, with details on regions, availability zones, service and more. You can quickly navigate to this dashboard to see spikes in network traffic charges (primarily in EC2) and drill into origination to get complete visibility into location, user and actual conversations.

Want to see this feature in action? Click through to this quick video tutorial or schedule a demo today.

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