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How LiveAction Helps NetOps Stay Ahead of Network Complexity

Network OperationsHere at LiveAction, we’re defining next-generation NPMD by simplifying network management. What does that mean? It means we enable Network Operations (NetOps) teams to keep up with the accelerating pace of network complexity. As cloud migration, software-based networks, and digital transformation initiatives continue to permeate the fabric of nearly every business’s underlying infrastructure, managing today’s networks has become an increasingly difficult task. Sustaining these complex environments calls for a comprehensive solution that can adapt to these dynamic business changes and support the emerging requirements of rapidly evolving networks.

Far too many network operations teams lack the level of information required to plan, deploy and operate networks effectively in today’s multi-vendor, multi-cloud, multi-fabric world. The pervasive issue of tool sprawl leaves most without an effective method of collecting, processing and visualizing a variety of network data sources for problem isolation and remediation. This leads operators toggling between countless toolsets in search of one-off fixes for network issues, rather than focusing on holistic network optimization and management as a function to meet overarching business needs.

Today’s NetOps teams need to take a proactive approach to problem detection and mitigation, leveraging analytics to understand evolving network trends, identify potential anomalies and ultimately solve issues before they impact the business. And they must be able to uphold SLA demands by focusing less on uptime alone and more on both network optimization and application performance management. How can they do all this with fixed budgets and headcount? The key is visibility and network data analytics in a single, comprehensive tool. Granular insight, from the data center to the edge, and across cloud, virtualized and SD-WAN environments, has never been more crucial for NetOps.

With LiveAction, users gain access to comprehensive network analytics, diagnostics, and troubleshooting capabilities, all delivered through one centralized, simplified visual platform. Here’s a look at how LiveAction has helped one business dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its network:

LiveNX Proves Vital to Health of U.S. Renal’s IT Network

U.S. Renal Care operates 340 clinic locations, providing on-site and at-home care for more than 23,000 patients with end-stage renal disease. Since so many aspects of patient care depend on the reliability of its IT network infrastructure, the company pursued an SD-WAN deployment to reduce help desk tickets, proactively mitigate IT issues and improve overall network performance.

VoIP quality, latency and jitter across its distributed clinic locations were among U.S. Renal’s top challenges with this deployment. To mitigate these issues and ensure the highest quality of patient care, the company deployed LiveNX. With our platform, the NetOps team was able to immediately improve network performance for voice and video, and rapidly accelerate its SD-WAN initiative. Today, the company primarily uses LiveNX to uphold QoS policies, monitor voice performance and visualize network traffic between its locations across a software-defined WAN to verify it’s routed as intended by their network policies. With LiveAction, U.S. Renal is able to ensure that its network performs at a level that matches and supports is extraordinary standards for patient care.

Read the complete case study here.

Regardless of existing infrastructure, industry sector or even company size, complexity is now the new normal for NetOps teams. As you can see, we’re working hard at LiveAction to deliver solutions that simplify NPMD by gathering the most comprehensive network data and delivering it through centralized solutions that heighten visibility. Looking for ways to better plan, deploy or operate your next-generation network? Learn more about our capabilities here and check out our latest customer success stories here.

Brooks Borcherding
CEO at LiveAction

Aug. 27, 2018