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LiveAction is a key component of NTT’s Visibility and Performance Management solution

LiveAction is a key component of NTT’s Visibility and Performance Management solution

Businesses are facing greater complexity in their hybrid IT environments than ever before. By using hyper-scale providers to bring their own custom applications to the cloud, they are struggling to maintain visibility to monitor their applications and network performance.

NTT is a global technology and business solutions provider that works with organizations to manage and operate complex IT resources so they can achieve their strategic goals. NTT is offering their customers an integrated Visibility and Performance Management platform. NTT has developed a solution that provides greater visibility, proactive performance management, and automated issue identification to resolve network and application challenges in a timely and secure manner. NTT is collaborating with trusted visionary technology partners to bring customers an end-to-end solution in a centralized data hub.

LiveAction is known for providing end to end visibility of network performance, regardless of domain, from a single pane of glass. This visibility provides enterprises reduced cost to operate the network, full network visibility for better decisions, and confidence the network is meeting business objectives.

NTT is leveraging LiveNX to bridge the gap between legacy network monitoring tools and the modern network on a single platform. NTT leverages LiveNX so their clients can proactively identify and quickly resolve network issues with a real-time user interface.

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“LiveAction is committed to next generation, flexible, and open, Network Performance Management solutions. NTT’s clients demand a full stack, integrated approach, to application and network observability” said Joe Maissel, Practice Director at NTT. “LiveAction’s technology empowers NTT to deliver what the market needs.”