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How New LiveNX Cloud Monitoring Features Support Effective “Day 2” Operations

New LiveNX Cloud Monitoring Features Support Effective “Day 2” OperationsHybrid IT environments – or a mix of on-premises network infrastructure and cloud-based workloads – now represent the new normal. The vast majority of enterprises host at least some portion of their IT workloads in the cloud today, as IDG reports that just 8% of organizations say their total IT environment is all on-premises in 2020.

While there are many benefits to this growing move toward the cloud, there are also drawbacks. For network engineers and architects, visibility blind spots in public cloud deployments can hamper their ability to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize their complete environment.Cloud infrastructure and specialized cloud monitoring tools don’t provide the level of insight IT teams need to map end-to-end application paths for applications that go from the on-premises network to the cloud and vice versa.

That’s why LiveAction has introduced new cloud monitoring features into the LiveNX performance monitoring platform. These new features make it simple to monitor and troubleshoot both network and application behaviors in a hybrid IT environment using single-pane-of-glass workflows.Day 2 OperationsThe solution provides hop-by-hop analysis for end-to-end application path examination, analysis on KPIs such as jitter, latency, loss and more, and historical playback for forensic analysis. These new monitoring capabilities allow you to increase IT productivity and end-user experiences by triaging issues more effectively and focusing troubleshooting efforts on the right workloads, whether they issues arise on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere in between.For more information on how LiveNX can support ongoing efforts to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize your environment with these new capabilities, check out this quick video tutorial or schedule a demo today.