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What’s New in LiveNX 9.5 and Product Updates

This month just got a lot more exciting! We have new releases and updates across our suite of technologies. What does this mean for you? You will now have access to the latest enhancements, capabilities, features and benefits of LiveNX 9.5 and our Packet Capture solutions (LiveWire, LiveCapture and Omnipeek)!

What’s New with LiveNX?

Introducing our latest product update for our premier network monitoring software, LiveNX. Our software provides network-wide visibility on a single platform so you can optimize the network and application performance anywhere incidents happen.

Check out what’s new with our SD-WAN capabilities and our AI product, LiveNA. If you’re looking to get started with LiveNX or update your existing software, head over to our downloads for additional resources.

Operation Dashboard

  • Operation Dashboard’s (WebUI) Flow Path Analysis story allows cross-launch to Peek for LiveWire and LiveCapture packet analysis for added flexibility in the operationalization of packet data.
  • Operation Dashboard (WebUI) Flow Path Analysis Story includes SD-Access VN and SGT, VRF IPFIX fields for enhanced support for Cisco SD-Access solutions.
  • Migrated Engineering Console’s IPSLA Status Dashboard to Operations Dashboard (WebUI).
  • Operations Dashboard’s (WebUI) Dashboard Alert widgets support Filters.

In-Depth Reporting

  • Category and alert type filtering for Alert page and Alerting Reports.
  • Ad-hoc Report’s view and table options can be saved.
  • Scheduled reports in the Operations Dashboard (WebUI) can now be managed by administrators to change ownership or deleted.
  • Support for drill-down from Reports to Flow Path Analysis Story in the Operation Dashboard’s (WebUI).

Continued Enhancements for Operational Excellence:

  • Search Call by Number Story now includes option to drill-down to Flow Path Analysis Story.
  • Custom Application definitions support multi-protocol selection and include protocols ESP and AH.
  • Service Now integration options have been added to help environments that use custom Service Now templates.

SD-WAN Improvements and Capabilities

  • Cisco SD-WAN Site-to-Site Performance over time Report for tracking delay, loss, and jitter over a threshold over time.
  • To ensure Flow visibility of traffic on TLOC extensions in SD-WAN environments, both “WAN” and “XConn” tags will automatically be used in WAN Capacity Planning Story drill-down.
  • Support for SD-WAN vEdge QoS monitoring.

If you run into any difficulty, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technical experts. Our Support Team is standing by to assist with any challenges you may be facing.

The Latest from LiveNA

LiveNA is an AIOps appliance that applies machine learning and heuristics to network datasets for advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics. This is an exciting new addition to the LiveAction suite of software, it provides advanced insights to applications and network performance.

LiveNA has been updated with the following:

  • Support for drill-down from LiveNA Insight to curated LiveNX Report.
  • WAN utilization anomaly detection.
  • WAN utilization trending and prediction for enhanced capacity planning.

LiveWire, LiveCapture, and Omnipeek Updates

Our packet capture solutions integrate with LiveNX to extend network visibility and troubleshooting to remote sites, WAN, Edge and data centers with high performance packet capture appliances and analysis software.

Packet Capture Updates:

Want to learn more about everything in this update? We’ve compiled a few helpful videos and additional resources to get you caught up on our product updates. Want to know what LiveNX can do to help your organization? Chat with one of our experts and get started with a personalized demo.

  • Expand capture rates by stacking multiple appliances allows flexibility for achieving 80 Gbps even higher data rates.
  • LiveWire Virtual for AWS and Azure allows traffic within the cloud to be analyzed and visualized in LiveNX, and provides detailed data for troubleshooting, even down to the packet level. LiveWire Virtual is more complete and cost-effective than limited solutions offered by public cloud vendors.
  • LiveNX cross-launch to LiveCapture (vs. LiveWire) allows linking directly from LiveNX flows to packets stored in LiveCapture devices

Want to learn more about everything in this update? We’ve compiled additional resources and documentation to get you caught up on all our product updates. Want to know what our solutions can do to help your organization? Chat with one of our experts and get started with a personalized demo.