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LiveNX 7 Simplifies SD-WAN Deployment and Monitoring with Visual Analytics

Added capabilities to the latest LiveNX 7 release accelerate the day 0 planning, day 1 verification and day 2 operations for SD-WAN network performance monitoring and analytics.As software-defined architectures deliver increasing levels of agility for service provider transport, vpn/tunnel configurations and centralized policies, the ability to continually monitor the devices and service level performance across multi-domain, multi-product and multi-cloud domains becomes increasingly challenging. With the latest LiveNX 7.3 release, enterprises can now gain complete visibility of their application performance as it traverses the network over tunnels/virtual private networks.
LiveNX Site to Site Analysis – Policy Verification

SD-WAN policy verification – With visual analytics, policy verification is simplified as the service chain between an application, within a tunnel going across a service provider transport can now be quickly referenced with current or historical status with drill downs for troubleshooting should any link in the service chain not meet performance objectives.

LiveNX correlates multiple data sets from the edge routers (Cisco vEdge or Cisco XE operating system routers such as the ISR or ASR) with a device and interface data; and from vManage through the open APIs, for application and routing performance data such as App ID and BFD (Bi-Directional Forwarding). Through analysis, these data sets are presented to the NetOps teams by LiveNX in a Sankey diagram to highlight the site to site view of the application performance as highlighted above.

In the view below the application “VoIP” is highlighted in the menu on the lower right, triggering a filter for that service in the topology view. By isolating the VoIP application NetOps can now drill into quality parameters, policy operation and service provider SLA performance, all from one view.

LiveNX – Cisco SD-WAN Topology view with VoIP application isolation

In addition, LiveNX now presents several overlays for viewing across the SD-WAN Topology view, with a unique filter for showing the performance status of each. In the view above, LiveNX correlates the performance of the application within a virtual private network (VPN) or VRF (virtual routing and forwarding) with the assigned DiffServ Code Point (DCSP) quality of service marking to the service provider transport. In this site to site view NetOps can quickly assess any issues affecting end-user performance and drill down to root cause to fix many issues.

Better Visibility for NetOps: Dashboards, Alerts, and Reports

LiveNX – Main SD-WAN Dashboard

This is a good design reference for principals of a human-based approach of a mental model come through. Humans have used maps for hundreds of years for guidance on data such as; location, path to get to the other side, and a route of how one site in interconnected to another, and knowing if it is routing a good one to take? Overlaying the virtual imagery of tunnels, vpn’s, vrf’s, interfaces, etc and dissecting each one for errors, misconfigurations and mistakes, the LiveNX visual analytics is a powerful and pragmatic capability set for end to end visibility for both exploratory and explanatory data sets presented in dynamic graphical images such as topology maps, site to site and traffic assessment views.For an overall view of your SD-WAN domain, LiveNX presents customized dashboard views with definable widgets, data sets, and format. There are several predefined templates for widget design, with pulldowns for custom filters on different datasets. This provides Operations with a path forward for tools consolidation and an accelerated roadmap to the next generation performance and analytics platform.

Operations Dashboard with Current Active Alerts by SiteFlexible Deployment Options

Network teams at companies of all sizes have varying deployment requirements and functional needs. We provide a range of options and are excited to now offer a dedicated, purpose-built server appliance for plug and play deployment as:

  • a LiveNX server appliance,
  • Public Cloud Options: AWS and Azure
  • OVA for on-premise server VM
  • Deploy Cisco ENCS branch-in-a-box architectures.

When we launched LiveNX 7 we were ambitions and focused. LiveNX 7.3 provides great steps forward across our vision for the next generation multi-domain, multi-cloud, and multi-vendor performance & analytics platform.

I focused on SD-WAN and visual analytics in this blog to highlight the need and share our view of how to address it with LiveNX for your SD-WAN performance & analytics platform. There are many exciting journeys yet to be shared. You can learn more about these capabilities and more here.”


July 17, 2018

Mark Milinkovich

Director, Product Marketing