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LiveNX 5.2 is Available Now!

Simplified Deployment Option

LiveNX 5.2 introduces a unified, or “All-in-one” deployment option for the LiveUX Server and Platform components in a single OVA. This is a step towards providing a simplified installation process for LiveNX. As noted in the 5.1 release the LiveNX OVA Platform component serves as a complimentary installation to the LiveNX client and server install.

LiveNX Web UI Dashboard Improvements

The LiveNX dashboard provides the user an overall sense of the health of the network being monitored by both LiveNX and LiveUX. The dashboard provides a visual status of sites and devices as well as top applications in and out of the WAN.


Limit Reports to the Timeframe that Matters to You

Beneath each report title is the option to set the timeframe for the displayed report. The desired timeframe can be set using the drop down menu.


  • Last Hour: Last relative hour
  • 15 Min: Last relative 15 minutes
  • Day: Last relative day
  • Week: Last relative week
  • 30 days: Last Relative 30 days
  • Custom: Customized time frame

last 30 days

Top WAN Applications [Inbound / Outbound]

The Web UI dashboard also includes a bar graph indicating the top WAN-facing applications traversing the network. Display of either inbound or outbound traffic is selectable using the IN/OUT toggle switch in the upper right of the graph.

top Apps

LiveNX Server Reports Now Available in LiveNX Web UI

With the 5.2 release, reports found in the LiveNX Server/Client interface are now available via the Web UI. Click Reports in the navigation bar to synchronize and import reports from the LiveNX server. Below is an example of a report that has been pulled from a LiveNX server after the query has been executed.

Similar to the LiveNX Server/Client interface, reports can be filtered to focus on the data you are most interested in.