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LiveAction & Cisco: Partners in Innovation

IT organizations are adopting disruptive technologies to support digital transformation. Network operations teams are increasingly tasked to provide their organizations with enough visibility to enable data-driven change initiatives. Network visibility is critical to your organization’s success because when network traffic becomes bottlenecked, it degrades the user experience with cloud-based applications resulting in unhappy customers, decreased productivity and worse.

Cisco and LiveAction have been jointly innovating for years to enable the speed, agility and efficiency to help customers deliver better user experiences, while simplifying network performance management and troubleshooting.

About LiveAction

LiveAction allows companies to manage large and complex networks by unifying and simplifying the collection, correlation, and presentation of application and network data making it actionable for network management teams. The easy-to-use interface allows Network Management teams to go from a global view and drill down to a location, a single hop, or even an individual packet.

LiveAction provides the needed end-to-end visibility of network and application performance from a single pane of glass. This gives enterprises confidence that the network is meeting business objectives, offers IT administrators full visibility for better decision making, and reduces the overall cost of operations. What’s more, these capabilities provide tremendous value to Cisco customers.

The LiveAction Black Belt Course

As the next step in this partnership, Cisco and LiveAction are joining forces to help sellers increase their knowledge of the joint Cisco and LiveAction solutions via the Cisco Black Belt Academy. This simplified enablement framework empowers the skills to have richer interactions with customers that will fuel their data-driven change initiatives.

Leveraging the Black Belt Academy, Cisco and LiveAction created a virtual course that enables partners to further differentiate their Cisco SD-WAN and QoS offer in the market, ultimately paving the way to increased sales of this joint solution.Telling this story can be complex, especially when learning it from piece-meal documentation found in a sales portal. The LiveAction team discovered that sellers tend to focus more on specific details and functionality rather than end-to-end transformation. That is, other vendors might provide certain capabilities, but only LiveAction could paint the complete, end-to-end picture.

Creating a Black Belt course addressed these needs. The LiveAction Black Belt course takes partners through 2 tracks containing rich video content:

  • A sales track designed to help salespeople learn in-depth about solutions
  • A presales track that takes a deeper dive into the technical aspect of the LiveAction and Cisco joint solution

For more information about the Cisco and LiveAction partnership, read the blog.