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LiveAction at RSA Conference 2022 – Key Takeaways

The summer has been busy for LiveAction. We experienced a bit of normalcy and entered back into the world of in-person events to showcase our enterprise network and security solutions at RSA Conference and Cisco Live.  

After two years away, we kicked off the month at one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity events, RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco, California. Their theme this year was Transform. As the world of cybersecurity is ever-changing, network detection and response are at the forefront. 

Keep reading as we reflect on our time at RSA Conference or click here for our CiscoLive blog. 

LiveAction team at RSA Conference

Transform at RSA Conference 

Our proudest moment was the opportunity to present our ThreatEye network detection and response platform to prospects, customers, and partners in-person. ThreatEye is a brand-new approach to threat detection, investigation, response, forensics, and compliance that addresses blind spots that traditional security tools miss. 

At RSAC, we gave hundreds of demos, played “Spot the Phish,” and had a consistently long queue of people just waiting to get their hands on one of our LiveAction water bottles 

RSAC 2022 Key Takeaways 

Coming out of RSA 2022, Tom Pore, Director of Product Marketing, says these are some of the key takeaways that businesses much watch for: 

  • Encrypted traffic obstructs threat detection for most. 

After talking with hundreds of people, it was clear that encryption is a major challenge within organizations and impedes their current threat detection effectiveness. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) hide activity in encryption to stay under the radar to evade early detection. The same technology that ensures all our communications are secure from eavesdropping hinders the effectiveness of most security strategies. A multi-tiered security approach with encrypted traffic analysis and behavioral profiling can help businesses overcome encryption as an obstacle to securing their crown jewel assets and critical data. 

  • API Security is the new kid on the block 

Web application security is about protecting your users and their information. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are as, if not more, powerful and vulnerable to misuse as web applications. Web applications are often the first line of defense, but attackers can get access to sensitive data in many other ways. For example, an attacker could exploit a vulnerability in an API, which exposes all the data the application needs to function. These APIs are often forgotten, but they are just as important as the web application itself. 

  • Focus on Hygiene 

Threat actors often look for the low-hanging fruit and take advantage of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and basic security hygiene mistakes. While it may seem like a simple task, maintaining cybersecurity hygiene across thousands of servers and hundreds of users requires constant vigilance. Companies need AI/ML solutions to automate the identification and remediation of cybersecurity hygiene issues and network traffic anomalies associated with them. These solutions should be able to detect and remove any potential security risks before they become a problem. 


“The new ThreatEye User interface developed by analysts for analysts was a big hit at RSA Conference. Verification of zero trust environments and pivoting from threats, findings, and anomalies directly to packets for complete visibility were on customers’ minds the most.”

– Bill Cantrell, LiveAction General Manager 

Check out our RSA Conference 2022 recap video below! 

Continue Eliminating Blind Spots 

If we learned anything at RSA Conference, it’s that encryption is a major challenge within organizations and that protection and response are at the forefront of cybersecurity. We invite you to explore our uniquely powerful Network Detection and Response platform, ThreatEye which reduces risk and speeds threat detection, regardless of encrypted traffic in your environment. 

If you missed us at RSA Conference it’s never too late to get a demo from a LiveAction expert. Click here to learn more.