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Defining Next Generation of Network Management

As I write this blog, I can barely contain my excitement about our big LiveAction news.

Today we announced that LiveAction has acquired Savvius!

savvius joins Liveaction

In this acquisition, we add Savvius’ best of breed packet capture technology to LiveAction, bringing significantly more power, new data sources and the deepest visibility to our LiveNX and LiveSP platforms with the enduring goal to simplify the network. This is our second acquisition in six months, our first being LivingObjects of France in December 2017, which established our LiveSP (service provider) platform.

Savvius f.k.a. WildPackets

For those who don’t recognize the name Savvius, you may recall the company known as WildPackets. I fondly remember WildPackets because we used to bump into them at every Cisco Live event. At that time, LiveAction was singularly focused on Flow but we marveled at WildPackets’ impressive capabilities in packet capture and analytics. We always thought that we should collaborate one day, especially since I was a user of their Omnipeek product and much preferred it over Wireshark because it was easier for a network novice like myself to use. And I took great comfort knowing the company behind the product ensured it was updated and supported.

Our relationship began as a partnership

We connected with Savvius as we were looking at options to broaden our deep packet inspection capabilities and improve our performance for the new Software Defined world. In getting to know the company and the team, it became clear that our companies were amazingly strong complements to one another. A few examples are:

  • Savvius is the “best of breed” in packets and did not focus on Flow or SNMP where LiveAction is the best in class.
  • Savvius has an extremely strong International sales and support presence where LiveAction is establishing ourselves overseas.
  • Savvius has over 20 years of experience in the development of physical and virtual appliances and this is completely new territory for LiveAction.

There were other categories where we both dominated but surprisingly didn’t overlap. These include:

  • Our individual customer bases contained thousands of extremely happy users including some of the largest companies in the world but virtually no overlap.
  • Where we did have some overlap, the teams used our products collaboratively.

A combination of forces brings a win-win scenario

By combining our forces, we will build better products, create easier but more comprehensive workflows for our customers, and reduce the amount of tools our customers need. Our joint efforts will improve our ability to execute, increase our customer base, expand our global coverage, and simply make LiveAction a better company for our customers, our investors and our employees.

From Challenger to Visionary. From Visionary to Leader.

Combining Savvius with LiveAction is a step change in Gartner’s “Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics” sector or “NPMD.” In 2018, LiveAction moved from Challenger to Visionary in the Magic Quadrant. In that review of LiveAction, however, Gartner cautioned that:

  • In-house resources are almost exclusively focused on the North American region. Customers from other regions should ensure the reseller resources made available are adequate and sufficiently skilled to provide ongoing support.
  • The vendor’s heavy focus toward supporting Cisco infrastructure may inhibit opportunities where there is a requirement to manage a more heterogeneous environment.
  • LiveAction is frequently cited by end users as offering a premium-priced solution.

Gartner spoke and we listened

To the first point, LiveAction significantly expanded our international footprint with the acquisition of LivingObjects whose entire engineering team is based in Toulouse, France. In addition, we now add Savvius’ robust and highly competent international sales, marketing and support teams. These teams will continue to sell and service Savvius’ technology while also selling all of LiveAction technologies. I believe the combination of these parts now makes LiveAction the most diversified, dedicated company in NPMD with engineering, sales and support teams in Hawaii, Palo Alto, Florida, UK, Germany, France, Ukraine, India, Singapore, Korea, and Australia.

In addition, Savvius’ technology, which features both a physical and virtual appliance, deepens our multi-vendor capabilities. Savvius’ products include Omnipliance and the Omnimicropliance device, which features packet capture, packet storage, packet analysis, and real time packet monitoring. This is truly a multi-vendor approach to data generation. Together, we are augmenting wire data with LiveAction’s native netflow and SNMP data streams. This combination gives us deeper diagnostics capabilities, which lead to greater insights and faster results.

LiveAction has always offered premium products with unparalleled features and solutions. Our view was to never price down to inferior competition. That said, we understand the needs of our customers to justify their investment and we are developing new product offerings with different features to better compete.

With Savvius now a part of the LiveAction family, we grow a global company with more than 200 team members working hard every day to ensure we continue to solve tough network problems.

What to expect?

Savvius is based in Walnut Creek, California and LiveAction’s headquarters are in Palo Alto, California. We plan to keep the Walnut Creek office open and see this as an exciting expansion of our corporate office in Palo Alto. It’s no secret Silicon Valley is one of the most expensive places to live and work and Walnut Creek provides a perfect location, just outside of the Valley for us to continue to grow our Northern California presence. But, we are not bound by physical offices. We manage our engineering and support 24×7 – 365 days a year because we continue to operate our teams in distributed fashion around the world.

What about the Savvius team?

Savvius’ leadership team will be merged with the LiveAction leadership team. In some cases, we have elevated the Savvius’ executives to Vice Presidents who will now functionally run parts of LiveAction and in other areas, we will operate side-by-side.

What will happen to the Savvius brand and products?

We will continue to offer the products like Omnipeek and Omnipliance under Savvius. Savvius will now be known as Savvius, a LiveAction company.