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Introducing LiveNX 6.1

We’re excited to share the news about our latest release of the LiveNX platform. It’s the simplest way to do complex network performance management. With continuous insight, service assurance and management of enterprise networks, LiveNX powers a better digital experience for employees and customers alike.

Designed for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), LiveNX enables businesses to deliver optimal online experiences – monitoring and managing everything from ensuring network connectivity to supporting bandwidth-intensive voice and video applications.

LiveNX now features:

Advanced analytics:

The advanced site-to-site traffic analysis provides a systematic approach to assess and troubleshoot network issues while the deep analytics identify outliers and expose issues that often go unnoticed.

network issues

Integration with Cisco APIC-EM:

LiveNX is fully integrated with the Cisco Application Policy and Infrastructure Controller – Enterprise Module (APIC-EM). This enables users to configure Cisco’s IWAN solution from the LiveNX dashboard and easily provision a new site, add devices for monitoring, validate deployments, and efficiently manage ongoing network operations.

Extended network visibility:

Going beyond its ability to provide a holistic view of the network from the big picture down to the device level, LiveNX has a patented approach to capturing, storing and visualizing high-fidelity network flow. Also, its extended visibility into SDN controllers with API-based integrations simplifies access to additional network information, manages network flow for intelligent networking, and enables partners and developers to easily integrate their applications on the platform.

User-level situational awareness:

The platform spots user-specific performance issues and enables you to quickly fix the problem and improve the online experience. LiveNX’s application and user-level awareness results in faster meantime-to-repair (MTTR) while the LDAP integration streamlines and automates time consuming administrative tasks.

IWAN solution

Flexible and customizable dashboards:

LiveNX features three new and simple to use dashboards. The Status dashboard provides a high-level view of network health. The WAN interactive dashboard shows three dimensions: sites, applications, and service providers. And the System dashboard monitors LiveNX components and performs system diagnostics. Additionally, the dashboards can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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