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The Importance of AIOps in Network Performance Management

Companies ask a lot of their IT teams. These teams must routinely perform several activities to plan, deploy, upgrade, maintain, troubleshoot, and monitor the network. Each of these activities are extremely data-driven and are heavily dependent on the network team’s accurate understanding and interpretation of the data coming from applications, network devices and the traffic moving over their network. Additional complexities like massive hybrid environments and disparate tools only add to the challenges facing a modern NetOps team.

How does an enterprise streamline the operations for an ever-evolving network? One solution that has caught the attention of many enterprises is AIOps. AIOps is an emerging technology that could prove as an innovative approach to streamlining IT processes, data, and operations. Let’s explore the relationship between network management and AIOps and how utilizing both can modernize the network.

The Role of AIOps

What is AIOps anyway? Let’s quickly define it and the core features it holds. According to Gartner, it “combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes.” Simply put, this is a next-generation solution to monitoring and maintaining the network. A true AIOps solution should deliver three main elements: able to conduct dynamic analyses across all data sources to identify patterns and correlations, provide proactive intelligent insights as it learns what is “normal”, and enable IT teams to automate processes or remedies to challenges as they occur or before it even happens.

While this may sound similar to other solutions currently on the market, the strength of AIOps lies with its ability to learn and automate. Using AIOps, you can apply advanced, ML- and AI-based analytics to automate a wide range of tasks your IT team would typically manage.


The Transformation of the Network

Since AIOps leverages data from as many sources as possible providing valuable intelligent insights and context into the network (and beyond!) – it is more or less providing an incredibly reliable helping-hand to overburdened IT teams.

Now there is a clear and unbiased picture of the network, you can act with a deeper understanding of what’s happening and what to do. The intelligent assistance gained from the AIOps tool that empowers you to act with greater accuracy and agility, reducing guesswork and stress, giving you time back in your day, and reducing alerts when you are on-call.

There are additional ways that AIOps can be used to transform how you manage network performance. Tool sprawl, a challenge that plagues many NetOps teams, can be streamlined through an AIOps platform since it can ingest disparate data and correlate these insights – providing enhanced visibility thought only possible through numerous tools. Mitigating many productivity challenges that are faced as IT professionals’ toggle between numerous tools, alerts, and requests throughout the day. Planning to migrate to the cloud? AIOps can provide in-depth network visibility that significantly reduces the operational risks of cloud migrations.

The Future of NetOps

AIOps may be an early-stage technology, but the buzz around it is undeniable. There are already several industries that have proven that AI and ML are truly innovative solutions. Is AIOps what your NetOps team is missing? While that is a much broader question to explore, one thing remains clear, IT and network teams need a modern solution to not only streamline their current operations and processes.

Wondering if an advanced analytics tool is right for you? Check out our very own AIOps solution, LiveNA, which applies intelligent insights into applications and the network – so you can automatically know abnormal behavior before it impacts the business.