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How to View WAN Applications in LiveNX

Wide-area networks (WAN) have undergone a great transformation over the past decade. An enabler of this evolution, cloud services, has been a major driver of this change; as has the emergence of the internet as a source of affordable, high-bandwidth WAN connectivity. A few years ago, a set of technologies emerged to enable these transformational drivers. The industry referred to this technology as software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

An SD-WAN deployment is a challenging undertaking for any NetOps team. In fact, there are common challenges we’ve seen repeatedly over the years. For example, deployments typically start with a proof of concept, followed by the actual deployment, which can be broken out into day 0, 1, and 2 phases. The steps are similar across customers but differ in terms of vendor, architecture, and SD-WAN technologies used.

Blindspots in SD-WAN Monitoring

Organizations often lack visibility to WAN application traffic, and IT professionals need advanced performance and analytics capabilities to gain insights into performance – that’s where LiveNX comes in. LiveNX provides application performance visibility that validates WAN Application performance and business investment.

With LiveNX networks management teams can see the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere – WAN, SD-WAN, WiFi, remote sites, data centers, and multi-cloud including AWS and Azure.

To see how to get started with LiveNX’s WAN Application Dashboard check out our video below!

Through the LiveNX WAN Application dashboard, a user can view the application group, application status, input bit rate, output bit rate, voice and video, and application performance. Drill down for a more granular view and check out an application’s entity page and see data for inbound and outbound performance including the packet loss rate and the bandwidth rate. Network and application performance data is also shown in context on the network topology view for an easy to interpret visual display.

wan-sd-wan-dashboardThrough LiveNX’s comprehensive visibility and application performance troubleshooting capabilities, we were able to provide a speedy IWAN deployment – including critical PfRv3 visibility for a multinational courier services enterprise. By taking advantage of the management and troubleshooting strengths of LiveN, the company achieved the required performance and availability using lower-cost WAN service provider connections.

LiveNX provides a platform to gather network analytics data at scale. LiveNX helps IT teams understand how the system behaves, why issues occurred and how it was resolved. LiveAction dashboards provide in-depth monitoring and visual analytics of your SD-WAN to overcome customer challenges. Learn more about LiveNX network monitoring software and see how you can start tackling SD-WAN challenges. Want to get in the driver’s seat and try LiveNX for yourself? Try our free download of LiveNX.