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Empowering the Next Generation of Network Managers

Today, Cisco announced the close of its acquisition of Viptela, previously the leading software-defined (SD) WAN provider in a very fast and dynamic market. The adoption of SD technologies (noted often as “SDX”) is further permeating the WAN as Cisco doubles down to accelerate its position as the leader and nucleus as enterprises continue to go digital across all operations — the era of digital transformation.

What customers need to know now

A lot of change is sure to take place for Cisco and Viptela customers, across all product lines including hardware but especially software. Here’s a quick take on what we believe this means for customers today:

  • Cisco’s preferred software-defined WAN solution will be based on Viptela
  • Cisco has a standalone roadmap for Viptela’s vEdge routers
  • Cisco is committing significant incremental engineering resources to the ISR and ASR router product line to bring unified next-generation SD-WAN solutions to market which will likely be powered by components of Viptela software
  • New unified offers will be made available with Viptela’s technology incorporated in the ISR and ASRs, customers will be able to migrate to the new unified solution as needed or desired
  • Cisco Meraki SD-WAN customers will continue to be fully supported
  • Cisco plans to continue IWAN and support customers on Cisco’s IWAN solution

Here’s what we believe this all means

In conversations with LiveAction customers, who work with many vendors of software-defined WAN solutions, we’re hearing that the change in the offerings here will no doubt affect their deployment strategy. Hybrid IT infrastructure is the new normal, but figuring out how and where to invest is still a cloudy proposition (no pun intended!).

LiveAction’s strength has always been the ability to not only provide visibility and assurance to critical application traffic across the WAN, LAN, and Wireless environment but to also arm and equip network operators the ability to change QoS policy on the fly.

The further growth of software-defined WAN, and a mixed environment of one now perhaps, further makes LiveNX the unified network management platform that can provide the level of application assurance that end users demand in this age of digital transformation.

LiveNX for today, tomorrow, and beyond

LiveAction has been partnering and providing visibility and service assurance solutions for Viptela customers, specifically their controller and vEdge routers. And certainly, we’ve been closely partnered with Cisco across their WAN/LAN/Wireless product lines as well as their software for managing IWAN, APIC-EM.

Now, with Cisco’s planned integration, the best of both worlds come together and LiveNX can simply see, analyze and control the environments to deliver the cost savings and high-quality end-user experience the infrastructure was built to deliver.

For those who bought either Viptela or IWAN but want to work with a third-party SD-WAN solution like Riverbed or others, they can also use LiveNX to monitor and control the multi-vendor environments.

LiveNX can manage underlying technologies. If you wanted to change the router, the controller, the firewall, you can do so and continue using LiveNX to monitor the WAN.

LiveNX is the perfect Day 0 solution for SD-WAN. Use LiveNX for capacity planning, baselining, and inventory discovery. This helps to identify the ideal sites for your proof of concept. Develop your ROIs from the data. Create a deployment work plan. Then use LiveNX in Day 1 as you deploy the solution. You can watch the installation and monitor applications. And in Day 2, use LiveNX to provide application assurance and network monitoring.

To upgrade or not to upgrade, that’s the question

We believe that at some point in the future, Cisco will extend to customers who purchased legacy Viptela technologies, and opportunities. To upgrade to the newest platform which could possibly be Viptela’s controllers managing Cisco’s ISR router products. Our view is this is a very good thing. It will likely bring the best of both worlds together, the simplicity of the Viptela offering with the power and functionality of Cisco’s products.

Don’t wait. SD-WAN value can be achieved today

The MPLS savings is significant and could pay for your entire project. NetApp, a leading storage and data management provider based in California, reduced network costs by 70%, using Cisco IWAN and LiveNX. That transformed their business, increasing revenue and enabling them to develop new product lines.

Interested to learn more about how LiveNX can solve network performance management challenges today. While future-proofing for tomorrow’s SD-WAN? Let us know what you think.