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3 Things You Need to Know About Cisco NDP Now

Cisco NDP thrives on its strong foundational nature and brings horizontal applicability to security, WAN and LAN.

Cisco, the company known for having built the network, now looks to redefine its image. In this, Cisco NDP envisions “The Network. Intuitive.” Here we see a shift in focus from hardware and traditional services to software and simplicity.

Of all the technologies announced at CLUS, including the rewrite of Cisco’s famous “IOS” operating system and bringing software-defined to the access layer, we like the new Network Data Platform (otherwise known as “DP) the new analytics layer and DNA-Center because of their foundational nature and horizontal applicability to security, WAN and LAN.

Over decades of network equipment proliferation, our take on it is that NDP takes a bold next step to say, “out with the old and in with the new.” Here, Cisco audaciously combines the numerous network databases and controllers information that rule our environments today into one product.

On top of NDP is the analytics engine that takes disparate data inputs and analyzes them to identify patterns and trends. The idea is that, by combining data sources and correlating them, we can derive better outcomes.

For example, taking telemetric data from network elements, including routers, switches, and SDN controllers and applying analytics, a business can better understand things like, “who are using all the bandwidth?” or “who’s using the router the most?” and probably most important, “who should get the bill?” In addition, network operators can now better understand what’s normal and proactively identify and solve issues before they impact productivity. All this makes for a better user experience.

DNA-Center is the presentation layer where applications will be made available in a very modern user interface.

June 27, 2017

Author: Darren Kimura, Executive Chairman