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Better Understanding Your Operating Environment and Applications

In the LiveNX™5.3 release, we started implementing workflows between geographical, topology and path views to help network administrators better understand their operating environment and application flow. At the top level, we correlate LiveUX™ SaaS-based application performance globally with site-based LiveNX data to enable quicker triage.


application flow

When drilling down into a geographic view, you’ll be able to identify the particular site that is having problems and visualize the problem application flow that is going from one site to another site. Some simple metrics are shown with the flow to understand the application performance.

Operating Environment

Then, you can also drill down into the site topology view and gain more details of the flow and the hops it’s taking. This can show all the flows related to that application and enable the ability to drill down to individual flows that make up the application.

SaaS–based application performance

From the individual flow, you can then get a path view from the site to other sites in question with the key metrics per hop. This allows network administrators to understand the context of the larger global network, and how a particular application is performing. In the future, the LiveUX synthetic traffic will be cross-correlated for even more detailed path analysis.

Operating Environment

Every future release will build on this foundation to migrate the deep flow-based visual analytics capabilities that are found in our current user interface to the new web-based user interface, which will help answer more questions that network administrators have about their network.

Author: John K. Smith

July 26, 2016