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LiveNX to Your SD-WAN Deployment

The networking revolution is clearly underway and you can’t look anywhere these days without seeing a new SD-WAN technology provider highlighting a case study, with compelling ROI, that has your CFO laser-focused on getting your deployment going.

But as you know, new products come with new problems and your plate is already full. That’s where our Network Performance Management solution, LiveNX, comes in to help with Cisco SD-WAN and other SD-WAN vendors.

Solve SD-WAN Technology Problems with Real-time Visual and Contextual Analytics

LiveNX provides real-time visual and contextual analytics, which will help you to solve problems and simplify the deployment and lifetime management of your SD-WAN system. You will be able to achieve ROI while preserving some degree of sanity.

sd-wan technology

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider LiveNX:

  1. Planning: LiveNX can help you identify pilot sites for your SD-WAN pilot. We identify unsanctioned applications, end users and establish network utilization baselines, which are used for right-sizing your pilot.
  2. Deployment: Use LiveNX real-time visualization to assure services are not impacted in the event of brownouts or abnormal events.
  3. Management: LiveNX helps monitor bandwidth and visualize path control, so network administrators can manage performance and mitigate problems before they affect users. Use reporting on business applications to manage and optimize voice and video communications.
  4. Visualization: LiveNX visualizes any kind of flow data. So, no matter if you’re considering Cisco’s IWAN, Viptela, SilverPeak, Talari, Citrix or Riverbed, we can visualize the network topology, show you where trouble exists and help you solve it with just the click of a mouse.
  5. Tools Consolidation: If you are like most enterprises, you have anywhere between 3-12 different tools to manage your network. Consider LiveNX as your single-pane-of-glass. We help you visualize your SD-WAN, conventional WAN, LAN, Access Points, Firewalls.

How to Achieve All the Above

Learn how LiveNX 6.0, our latest release, will give you the capabilities listed above and solve your SD-WAN problems—check out our blog and news, Introducing LiveNX 6.0 or What’s New with 6.0. Experience the power of LiveNX by downloading the solution today or contact us at


December 7, 2016

Author: Darren Kimura, Executive Chairman