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Introducing the all new ThreatEye by LiveAction.

ThreatEye’s AI-powered NDR enables simplified management of the threat investigation life cycle by combining and correlating sets of high-fidelity findings to track the state of an incident.

With ThreatEye you can:

  • 83% of Enterprises Reported Concerns From Encrypted Threats
  • 4.28 days is the mean gap between data exfiltration and ransomware attack
  • 91% of Enterprises say strong AI is essential to a powerful NDR solution

Today’s threats are sophisticated, able to bypass legacy security tools through visibility gaps caused by cloud, mobile, and IoT adoption. Traditional network detection and response (NDR) solutions aren’t detecting malicious cyberattacks until it’s too late, as the use of encryption by attackers is creating blind spots.

Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll show you why now is the time to deploy encrypted traffic visibility and AI-driven detection in your environment.

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