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Unify Network Data

Network Performance Monitoring and Management Made Easy

Simplify network monitoring and accelerate troubleshooting by unifying all key network monitoring data types, including network packets, onto a single platform across the entire network, so that IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives.

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LiveAction Brings Your Data Together – All in a Single Pane of Glass

Achieve detailed network visibility, accelerate troubleshooting, optimize application and network performance and unify network data

LiveNX offers the ability to gather and analyze volumes of network data at scale from every device, user, and application, which provides:

  • See the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere – WAN, SD-WAN, WiFi, remote sites, data centers, and multi-cloud including AWS and Azure.
  • Correlate multiple data sets to provide views, graphs, and maps to illustrate the current state of applications and network performance
  • Proactively identify, troubleshoot, and quickly resolve network and application performance issues regardless of where they occur

Easily transition from flow-level to forensic-level analysis and back–in a single software solution, LiveWire can:

  • Easily identify and quickly resolve network issues with both flow and packet data on a single platform
  • Deep integration with LiveNX lets you easily transition from flow-level to forensic-level, packet-based analysis using a single software solution when flow information just isn’t enough
  • Easily and quickly capture packets to automatically identify common issues, from Layer 2 to Layer 7, for network, application, VoIP, and WiFi issues

By applying machine learning and heuristics to network datasets LiveNA can:

  • Baseline how applications are performing and their utilization of resources across the network
  • Anomaly detection of application behavior per device and site
  • Predictive analytics for site and application issues

Unified Network Data Resources

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