LiveNA Network and Application Anomaly Detection

Proactively Optimize your Network and Applications

LiveNA is an AIOps appliance that applies machine learning and heuristics to network datasets for advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics providing deeper network understanding.

LiveNX Network Monitoring Software
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AIOps for Enterprise Network Monitoring

LiveNA uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide expert insights to application and network performance.

Application Performance Optimization

Application Performance Optimization

Baseline how applications are performing and their utilization of resources across the network.

Anomaly Identification icon

Anomaly Identification

Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to determine when application or network anomalies occur.

Enterprise Proactive Management

Proactive Management of Application SLAs

Receive alerts when application performance or network utilization deviates from baselines.

LiveNA Delivers Intelligent Insights to Applications and Network Performance

Automatically know when applications are not behaving as expected and prevent impacts to the business

Application Utilization Baselining

LiveNA learns the utilization patterns of the top network applications, baselines them on a per device per direction basis, and detects anomalies when the utilization deviates from learned normal behavior.

Application Performance Baselining

Application Performance Baselining

LiveNA learns the application performance of the top network applications, baselines them on a per device per direction basis, and detects anomalies when the performance deviates from learned normal behavior.

Anomaly Prioritization

Top Anomalies and Insights can be quickly understood in context per application, per site, and per device. This allows context relevant drill-down to anomaly details.


Enterprise Scale

Ingestion and processing of massive enterprise data sets combined with AI-driven analysis to provide anomaly detection at scale. This allows teams to be presented prioritized issues without searching through vast data sets.

Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

5 stars

Essential and Extremely Valuable Tool for Network Analysis – Must have for companies

“Without LiveAction we would not have anywhere near the understanding of our network traffic flows and where we are having problems such as overrunning queues, needing more bandwidth at locations, etc.”

network monitoring software— Sr. Network Performance Engineer, Manufacturing Industry


5 stars

Great tool, easy to use, friendly interface and does the job!

“This tool fills a gap in our network monitoring software and analysis toolset. This gives us a capability to finally utilize some logs that were difficult to query and also allows us to validate QOS policies.”

enterprise network monitoring— Infrastructure and Operations, Education

4 stars

LiveNx is a great monitoring and reporting too.

“LiveAction is a great GUI tool for reporting on Netflow/AVC/MediaNet flows on Cisco devices. It has greatly improved visibility in to the WAN traffic on our network. The reporting capabilities of the LiveNx tool has also improved our ability to show application traffic.”

network monitoring software platform— Infrastructure and Operations, Fiannce Industry

network visuaization

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