LiveSP & LiveMSP

Network Performance Monitoring and Reporting
Global Service Providers (GSP)
and Managed Service Providers (MSP)


High-Level Views and Reporting at Scale

LiveSP & LiveMSP are purpose-built platforms for Service Providers to easily provide analytics solutions to the customers and to the internal teams. Through the data collection from unlimited numbers of customers and devices, we create powerful insights used to plan, diagnose, optimize and report on application performance and end-user experience. From any high-level view, you can deep dive into flow visualization and then packet analysis by leveraging our LiveWire solutions.

From High Level View, to Flows, to Packets

Accelerate your Go-to-Market and Improve your Customer Satisfaction

Go-to-Market and Improve your Customer Satisfaction

Scalable Multi-Tenant

Automate on-boarding
at SP-scale and offer advanced
managed network services

Customer Reporting Engine

Reporting Engine

Build customized reports or select from pre-defined templates – from high-level overviews down to detailed visualization reports


Hybrid WAN

Gain insight into
SD-WAN performance
across various architectures

The LiveSP and LiveMSP Performance and Analytics Platforms

  • SD-WAN topology visualization

    Analyze SD-WAN network performance metrics and events using a simple vendor-neutral visualization topology.

  • Real-time troubleshooting

    Help customers easily assess network and application performance and classify traffic into business-critical categories.

  • SLA Report Builder

    Take advantage of a customizable report builder to meet the specific needs of each enterprise customer.

  • Out-of-policy alert configuration

    Configure customer-specific alerts to trigger personalized notifications when network elements and applications are out-of-policy.

  • Automated configuration & personalization

    Provide customizable user interfaces for individual enterprise customers.

Insights for Network Capacity Planning

Establish a visualization scope, select a timeframe, and drill down on a site.

Visualization to Optimize Application Behavior

Browse and drill down into the network to get a visual representation of real-time data from network metrics to application discovery.


Validation of Class of Service (CoS) policies

Verify consistent CoS implementation across the network and identify which sites need to be updated with new CoS mappings.


Identification of Anomalous Behavior

Understand which applications and users are generating unusual network traffic that impacts business-critical applications.


Visualization of Enterprise Network from Different Perspectives

Analyze end-user experiences through multiple visualization perspectives including the metrics of the entire network for an application or a specific traffic class.


Assessment of Network Load Impact on the User Experience

Easily visualize the correlation between network load and delay in a branch and understand its impact.


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